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"PIC provides the knowledge and technical skills needed for investigators and business to adapt and succeed."

Captain Richard Alexander, Internal Affairs Commander, Tulsa Police Department



"The Private Intelligence Corporation provides unique intelligence-based analysis which I believe is crucial to the evaluation of investments or potential partners. They uncovered extremely valuable information."

Neal Morse, Investment Broker, Los Angeles, CA



"The Private Intelligence Corporation conducted a background investigation and obtained information which prevented the loss of over one million dollars for our client. PIC's diligence resulted in a three-hundred thousand dollar profit for our client."

International Marketing Firm
Northwest United States



“I have been working with David Hale for 15 years --Great to work with, very knowledgeable about the federal governments requirements.”

Doctor Warren Silberman
FAA Aerospace Medicine


"The Private Intelligence Corporation identified our business adversaries and helped us to form a strategy to neutralize their assault"

Andy S., Empire Fleet Services, Spokane, WA



“Sharp understanding... excellent work product... Proved to be an invaluable asset to our firm and our clients.”

Bill Donovan, Business Law Firm
Tulsa, Oklahoma



"Successfully introduced the type of programs that will provide better management in our system of hospitals."

Harry A. Nurkin, President
Carolinas Healthcare System



"I appreciate the time and effort you have expended...I am proud of your hard work and your ability to create an environment friendly to everyone."

Privacy Intelligence Service



"Thank you for all your assistance in helping to design a Kootenai Medical Center and North Idaho Health Network Wellness Program.
I believe everyone who participated in the evaluation process, development of recommendations and final report were impressed with the professional and effective way in which this project was conducted."

 Richard McMaster
 North Idaho Health Network



"The Private Intelligence Corporation provided information and strategic analysis which has proven to be vital to the ongoing success of our real estate company. They analyzed and explained competitor tactics, identified hidden alliances, and provided clear strategies for our continued success.”

President Windermere National Realty Franchise



"David Hale has held several positions of trust and never once betrayed his loyalty to his agency. I can state without hesitation that David is self-motivated, intelligent and will keep in mind accomplishment of the mission."

Gary Lowry, US Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS)
Regional Organized Crime Center (ROCIC)



"The Private Intelligence Corporation found vital information about me online and helped me to remove it. They also helped me to lock my personal data to prevent invasion of my privacy.”

James Ward
New York City, NY


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